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    Testimonial for Wes Sudsbury

    "My wife and I highly recommend Wes and Homeguard. Best service and best rates, it's refreshing to have such a responsive representative that follows up so quickly, educates with easy to understand explanations, and puts in so much effort with our interests always first."

    Michael Flotner



    Testimonial for Wes Sudsbury
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    Testimonial for Wayne Sudsbury

    Dear Wayne,

    I hear congratulations are in order for you! and that yesterday was a special day for  you...It is nice to see special people rewarded for so many years of dedication and commitment to so many people, families.  You are a true testament and the best Ambassador the Mortgage Lending Industry could ever have to lead, be the example for others to strive to be...

    Now we can say " that Hall of Fame guy - he's ours! "


    Cyndy and Pierre....

    Testimonial for Wayne Sudsbury
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     Testimonial for Grant Brown

    Homeguard was so professional and made consolidation happen for me. Grant replied to initial email after typical business hours which made me realize that they care for their customers. The Homeguard team worked quickly and efficiently to find a lender and explained every step to me.

    "Todd Mitchell"



    Testimonial for Grant Brown
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    Testimonial for Wes Sudsbury

    Due to an error that TD bank made, we were left without financing for the purchase of our new home. We had one week to get it and Wes not only came through for us be he secured us a much lower rate than the bank was offering!! Wes was extremely quick to respond and kept us in the loop the whole process. His Customer Service was amazing and we were so thankful we found him at the right time to land our dream home!

    Thank you Wes!

    Jenn Gore
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    Testimonial for Wes Sudsbury

    This is a story called "Wes Was There."
    Wes was there and responded to our *first* inquiry (we didn't have to chase him like other brokers to beg him for our business)! Wes was there when my wife and I were looking to get competitive rates on our mortgage renewal. Wes was also there when my wife and I had questions...and more questions. Wes was there yet again when important deadlines were coming and my wife and I were slow to respond with documents/approvals. Wes was there right until the end trying to get us the best possible quote. Wes went above and beyond, and is the best broker we've ever had dealings with!

    I highly recommend Wes at Homeguard Funding Ltd. He was originally recommended by a colleague, and now I want to recommend him to you! That's right - you reading this!

    I wish 10 stars was an option. THANK YOU SO MUCH WES!

    Ryan Hamersma
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    Testimonial for Wayne Sudsbury

    We received your thank you letter. Wanted to say the same thing back. Thanks for helping us with our mortgage- we will certainly recommend you!

    Samantha Case Benbaruck
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    Client testimonial for Christine Woolley

    So happy with the information and help Christine Woolley has given me for the future.....

    Gabriela Castanheira
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    Client testimonial for Wes Sudsbury

    Wonderful service! Friendly, efficient, excellent guidance.

    Ice Cream Tees
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    Hello Grant, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for your letter, your personal note of appreciation and the "goodies" that are enclosed.

    We appreciate ALL that you have done for us and the ways in which you continue to assist us. Please know that we consider ourselves truly blessed - for which we are extremely grateful. Your professionalism, attention to detail and expertise are first-rate. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services to other family members and friends.

    All the best to you and your family.

    By Fred and Cindy Williams
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    Bill Eves is a consummate professional, and a caring friend. Always knowledgeable, up front, prompt, client service oriented and always looking out for your best interest. I would highly recommend him for any mortgage or loan requirements. He'll have your back and make things happen.'

    Highly Recommended
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    Wayne's team is professional and responsive to the needs of their customers. We have worked with Wayne many times over the past 20 years, which speaks volumes for the confidence we have in Wayne and his entire team. We continue to refer everyone we know and look forward to many more transaction experiences. Recently we discussed an Employee preferred program to offer to our employees. From the very complicated situation to the run of mill 'no such thing as normal', Home Guard never disappoints. They rise to every occasion and no matter how difficult the situation , they are the light at the end of a tunnel... the best problem solvers in the mortgage lending business, ethical, professional, compassionate and committed to seeing things through 'NO MATTER WHAT'. There are no barriers that cannot be overcome...

    5 out of 5 Rating
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    'Amazing service, so knowledgeable, they really look out for the client, will use again and again....'

    5 Star Review!
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    Hi Wayne, Lisa & I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you about the positive Encompass Home Warranty experience that we had recently. This home system warranty insurance came with the First National mortgage that we took out through Homeguard Funding Ltd.

    This type of insurance is not something that Lisa & I would have sought out - we definitely would not have had such a policy if it had not come included with our mortgage. In fact, after the first year we seriously considered cancelling it - but I can tell you that we are very glad that we kept it.

    Here is why...

    In the middle of the night (3:00 AM) on December 19th something inside our boiler failed causing the system to overheat, which in turn caused some of our heating pipes to burst. We were home and immediately shut down the system to prevent further damage to the boiler and to the house from the water coming out of the system.

    We reported the problem to Encompass via the toll free number on the morning of the 19th and they dispatched a technician to our house to assess the problem. The technicians arrived with small space heaters to use until the furnace could be accessed and repaired.

    After a careful review of the cause of the failure - Encompass approved the repair and subsequently the technicians replaced the faulty components as well as the damaged heating pipes. They thoroughly tested the system and everything is now back up & running smoothly. They were very professional and had the system back up for us before the holidays. Even working through a Sunday before Christmas to get it done.

    Out total cost for the repair was the $50.00 consultation fee (deductible) - which is incredible as the actual repair cost was approximately $8,500.00.

    This cost would have been a major unplanned home expense for us just prior to Christmas...

    Lisa & I just wanted to say thanks for providing such a service as part of your mortgage offerings - it certainly saved us a costly repair and we will be telling everyone we know about the experience that we had. We will be keeping the insurance going forward. Please pass along our comments to your contacts at First National. Thanks again & Lisa & I hope that you & your family have a great holiday season.

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    Hi Wayne, Living by the moto, 'Better Late Than Never', I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for your help in securing us a new mortgage. It would have been easier for us to renew with our current lender, but I feel we did the right thing in switching over to a product (with MCAP) that better suits our needs and in the future.

    Thanks for your help and attention. We received your thank you card in the mail a while back, but it's been a busy few months, and just hadn't had time to respond to it.

    Thanks again!

    PS - We have your cards and would gladly refer friends and family your way in the future.

    Better Late Than Never
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    I just wanted to take some time to tell you how impressed I am with Wes, and your company Homeguard Funding Ltd. I have been working with Wes since 2015. Wes has been able to help me emotionally, personally, and knowledgeably in regards to which services and products would work best for my circumstances.

    I feel Wes has given me the same advice he would give a family member and has excellent interpersonal skills. Wes backs up his work and suggestions with hard facts and I trust and consider all suggestions he gives me. Thank you Wes for a wonderful experience. I will recommend you to any acquaintances now and in the future, knowing that they would be taken care of as I was.

    Personalized Service
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    Every mortgage situation is different, and when every bank you speak to gives you the same feedback, it can be really discouraging. Everybody deserves a chance to fix the mistakes they have made and that's exactly what Grant did for me. He analyzed my situation and came up with a solution which made sense, and cost me the least amount in penalties. If it wasn't for his knowledge and genuine concern for my well being, I would not still have my home today.

    I will recommend anybody I speak with about home ownership to Grant, because I think If he could help me out of my bind, he could make any mortgage experience better.

    Thanks Grant, I look forward to working with you in the future!

    Tough Situation Turned Positive Thanks to Homeguard Funding
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    We were so impressed with Wayne and his company. We'd had mortgages through a bank before, but by comparison working with Wayne was so much nicer. He gave us the personalized time and attention that we never got from a bank before. He made us feel like people and we knew he genuinely cared about us. He went above and beyond the call of duty and made our dream home come true.

    If you're thinking about getting a mortgage through Wayne, I urge you to do it -- I'm sure you'll be as impressed as we were! Thank you Wayne. You're just the best!

    Personalized Service That Makes a Difference
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    We used Wes Sudsbury's services recently to re-mortgage two of our income properties and for another mortgage on our new house. Wes went above and beyond to ensure that we were getting the best rates and best products for our needs. He was very thorough in explaining everything with us and we really appreciated how he listened to us to understand our needs. Wes was very professional and accommodating with our busy schedules. We felt very comfortable with him from the first meeting and really enjoyed the entire process. Thanks Wes! We are thrilled with our new house and we really enjoyed working with you!

    Excellent Service!
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    If you are looking for a mortgage look no further than Homeguard Funding. Wayne Sudsbury, Wes Sudsbury, Sheilah Sudsbury and their team were able to get us exactly what we were looking for. Jacklyne and I were looking to find our dream home and Homeguard made it possible. They put our needs and budget first and worried about their bottom line second. They were honest and most of all delivered on everything they said they could do. If you're buying a home call HomeGuard like we did. We haven't been happier. ‪#‎thankshomeguard‬

    Honest Service Delivered as Promised
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    Wes Sudsbury helped us refinance a rental property and get financing for an upcoming demolition and build project! We have been very happy with the service, rates and communication. Being a Realtor, this has meant a lot to us. Keep up the great work guys!

    Referal Partners Use Us Personally
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    Hi Wayne, Thank you very much. Kokila Kamra was very helpful in finalizing the details and clarifying any concerns throughout this process. I would definately use Homeguard Funding again.
    All Questions Answered
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    My wife and I were recently required to renew our mortgage. Until now, we had typically gone the default, big bank route for this matter. This had never fully satisfied our needs or provided us with a feeling that we had personally been cared for. Enter Richard Mewhinney, who had previously assisted my brother in the same matter. He came highly recommended and, in the end, that was selling him short. He was honest and forthright and diligent in his pursuit of finding the best deal that fit us, rather than simply his bottom line. His process was refreshingly transparent and I can even venture so far as to say educational. We’ll be working with Richard for our mortgage and financing needs going forward and to that affect, already have further such items in the works. We would wholeheartedly recommend Richard to others and, in fact, have already done so.

    Honest & Forthright
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    Dear Wayne,
    We wanted to follow-up with a heart-felt 'thank you' to you and the whole team at Homeguard for assisting us with the new mortgage on our family home.

    The Homeguard application and approval process was quick and professional with the turnaround on the final mortgage being much faster than we expected. Everyone we dealt with, form your team at Homeguard, to the property appraiser and legal counsel were friendly, courteous and very professional.

    We look forward to working with you at the end of our mortgage term and intend on bringing you all of our mortgage business in the future. We have enthusiastically recommended Homeguard to any of our friends who are in the market for a mortgage.
    Kindest regards,

    Repeat Clients Rely On Our Professionalism
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    I used Wes Sudsbury as a mortgage broker to purchase a house with a closing date of April 30th. At the time I had an existing broker who was not getting me the best rate and was slow to respond to my questions why I was not getting the best rate. Wes was recommended to me by my friend who used his service and was happy with the service he received because one of the things Wes did for my friend was redo the paperwork a few days prior to closing because a lower rate was available.

    I contacted Wes on a Friday after exchanging some information (which I had in full because I already went through one application) over the course of that evening and weekend, we agreed on a rate and signed the mortgage disclosure papers on Tuesday (or Wednesday, I don't recall). Although I don't generally demand people work during their evenings and weekend - because everyone deserves time off from their work - it was refreshing to get quick responses to my detailed questions, and get a mortgage sorted over a course of just under 3 business days.

    I feel the information Wes provided directly answered all my questions, and was detailed such that there have been no surprises. He explained the mortgage product well, with information about things like applicable penalties.

    I'd contact Wes again for my future mortgage needs.

    Highly Recommended
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    As someone who has been involved in the financial industry in Canada near two decades, I have never seen and experienced such care, professionalism, knowledge, and ethics like I had with Mr. Wayne Sudsbury, the president of Homeguard Funding Ltd.

    Beside the low mortgage interest rate and fees that Wayne secured for me, he stood up and made the deal work, when everyone thought that the deal was falling apart. He disclosed the facts to all the parties and lawyers who were involved and showed them the solution to rectify the problem.

    Our companies worked together in the past few years and I was happy to see that we do follow the same principles in business., but this deal was a benchmark in our relationship. I thank you for everything you have done to make this deal happen, and looking forward to take our business to the next level. Many thanks to Wayne and the team at Homeguard Funding Ltd.

    Business to Business
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    You exceeded my expectations! We received excellent service from Wayne! We highly recommend him - professional, courteous, timely and a pleasure to work with.

    Excellent Service
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    As a first time home buyer, I was new to the world of real estate and the financial concepts behind the scenes. Wes really helped put the big picture into perspective for me as to what type of payments I would be looking at and what would be affordable to me in my situation. He promised me results and he did not disappoint. Wes prepared me for what I should expect and kept up daily communication using visuals and terminologies that were easily understandable, which made me feel confident in the work he was doing for me. The deal on my new home has now closed and I have not had any surprise costs or fees associated with my mortgage. Wes dedicated his time and resources to ensuring I was a happy customer, and indeed, I am. My experience with Homeguard Funding has been a smooth breeze and I thank you for your hard work and commitment Wes, I look forward to working with you again in the future!

    First Time Home Buyer
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    This is an incredibly belated but sincere thank you to you and your team for the great service you performed last May in securing an equity loan on my behalf. It truly was the reason my wife and I were able to eliminate the very niggling and stressful credit card debts we had accumulated, and more importantly created a repayment vehicle that has proven to be very comfortable to our lifestyle. Thanks again Wayne.

    Very Belated Thanks
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    We are successfully funded and everything has been registered. Thanks for all your work on this file. Homeguard certainly exceeds the standards I am accustomed to in dealing with some other mortgage brokers. I hope our paths cross again.

    Praise From a Real Estate Lawyer
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    Believe a while back I mentioned how great Wayne Sudsbury of Homeguard Funding was and again I have to repeat myself. He is just incredible!!! Everything you would want in a person representing you in this situation. He constantly knocks my socks off in providing services that exceeds my expectations. I will be the first to tell you that I am very particular, do a fair bit of research on everything and have no tolerance for bad customer service. Therefore when I write this, it is worth checking out for yourself. Last year a co-worker of mine that lives in Leaside gave me his card and said he was her broker. I literally looked at her and said, are you kidding me? You leave all the way from where you live in Toronto and drove to Newmarket? She replied, he was recommended, and he pulled one out of the hat for her with the mortgage. So I gave him a call. Here I am as a repeat customer, singing the same praise. I have an appetite for sharing great experiences as other Cornell residents can benefit as well. Homeguard Funding Ltd 83 Dawson Manor Blvd. Newmarket, ON L3X 2H5 Phone: 905.895.1777 Wayne Sudsbury personal extension is 125.

    Service That Makes a Difference
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    Dear Wayne,
    You make our dreams come true!

    We want to express our thanks to you for securing yet another mortgage for us. We have enjoyed a business relationship with you for 7 years now and have settled into home #3. Your professionalism, expertise and going above and beyond the call of duty is what keeps us coming back. Whatever our needs may be, you make it happen. Your advice and guidance are also very much appreciated. Our thanks also go out to your loyal and dedicated team.

    We look forward to continuing our business relationship with you into the indefinite future. Many thanks for your Christmas cards over the years.

    Best Wishes and Continued Success!

    3rd Time Buyers Enjoy Our Expertise
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    Just to let you all know that I wish I had heard of Grant Brown sooner! If I had, my family and I would not have had to endure 6 months of stress!

    I contacted Grant Brown on July 6th, and we closed on July 31st. He got us a mortgage without any hassles. Instead of giving up on your clients and referring them to private lenders maybe you can refer them to Grant.

    Stress Relieved with Quick Service
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    I got Ralph's phone number from a close friend who highly recommended him. The first time that I talked to him, I really didn't know what to expect, it was going to be our first time buying a home and we didn't have the first clue what to do.

    Ralph's calming and friendly tone set me and my husband at ease right away. He had us fill out a financial report and then he said that we could go from there. At that time we really didn't have a good financial history, so Ralph told us exactly what we would need to do to clean it up.

    I just want to say that I felt that Mr. Ralph Larin went above and beyond to get us into our first house, I mean he helped us for 3 years and who does that? He was the most professional person that I have ever had to deal with. I would like you to know that I would 100% recommend him and your company Homeguard Funding Ltd. to any and all my friends in the future.

    When we are ready to upgrade we won't be making a move without him. Thanks so much for making our first home so special.

    Thank you for sticking with us!
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    My brother and I had a vision to become real estate investors by purchasing several residential investment properties in Barrie close to Georgian College.

    Our plan was to purchase good quality houses close to the college that could be easily rented to students. Once established, the properties would provide us with a steady flow of income and secure a nest egg for the future. At the same time, we would be providing quality accommodation to college students at an affordable price.

    With a few assets and an excellent credit history, HomeGuard Funding Ltd. was able to secure several mortgage commitments on our behalf. Not only did we purchase and close three residential properties in six months, but Wayne and Beth were able to provide mortgages with amazing interest rates and terms. They worked with us providing advice and guidance. The level of service we received was excellent and closing days came with no last minute surprises.

    Thanks to the dedicated people at HomeGuard, my brother and I have been able to accomplish some of our goals in life in a very short period of time.

    Thank you Wayne and Beth for your high level of professional service and guidance over some of the stepping stones in our lives.

    Dreams to Reality