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Here at Homeguard, we believe that we can truly help you when it comes to mortgage financing.
Very often you hear “Make your Equity work for you”. Equity in a home is created overtime, through capital appreciation (increased value), by decreasing your first mortgage balance by making payments. Some homeowners may elect to borrow against the equity in their home to either receive cash, complete renovations, use for education for their children or to consolidate personal debts.
Our second mortgages can allow quality borrowers to access funds of up to 100% of your property value (Owner-occupied residential only). Interest rates will vary from prime rate and up, subject to: current land value, combined loan to value ratio, 1st + 2nd mortgage amounts and appraised market value.
There are many times that obtaining a second mortgage may be advisable relative to breaking a first mortgage, and paying high penalties. Homeguard’s mortgage agents can provide you with an analysis to help you make this decision.
Let us help you, call our office and get a free consultation today. We will listen to your requirements and provide advice on how to best structure your mortgage.
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