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Homeguard Funding Ltd. was established in 1983 by Wayne Sudsbury, President and Bill Eves, Vice President. We are an independent Mortgage Brokerage Firm for borrowers, financial institutions and private investors.

Homeguard Funding Ltd. offers residential, rural, recreational, commercial, and industrial mortgages to clients across Whitby, Ontario.
Whether you are purchasing a home, transferring your mortgage, refinancing to consolidate, or simply want to review your financial situation, our Whitby Mortgage Brokers can help!

Why Choose Our Mortgage Brokerage Firm?

  • 36 Years of Mortgage Experience
  • Adapts to emerging trends & technology
  • Provides unbiased Mortgage Advice
  • Save client's time by negotiating with lenders
  • Offer free services

As a leading mortgage broker serving Whitby, Ontario, we ensure that we exceed expectations and always put you first.

Mortgage Services

  • Our Whitby Mortgage Broker can help you with Refinances, even with previous Bankruptcy, Judgments, and collections. If you'd like to have a conversation about Mortgage Refinancing, Give us a call today.
  • If you are purchasing a home the first step is to seek the advice of a Mortgage Centre Canada Mortgage Professional & get Pre-Approved on a mortgage. Our Whitby Mortgage Broker will help you estimate a mortgage-qualifying amount.
  • With Private Equity: Receive a monthly income with every payment, Obtain a high rate of interest on your investment, Watch your equity increase as your mortgage decreases, Use it as RRSP/RRIF investment.
  • Chip Reverse Mortgage Whitby,ON
    With the Chip Reverse Mortgage, you are able to access up to 55%* of the equity in your home, tax-free. If you would like to learn more about the Chip Reverse Mortgage and how it can fit within your financial plan, please feel free to contact us.
  • We are an independent mortgage brokerage firm for borrowers, financial institutions and private investors. Call Homeguard Funding Ltd. for your mortgage needs; you can rely on up to date creative and informative solutions to suit each and every customer.

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