Ryan Hamersma

Author: Homeguard Funding Ltd. |

Testimonial for Wes Sudsbury

This is a story called "Wes Was There."
Wes was there and responded to our *first* inquiry (we didn't have to chase him like other brokers to beg him for our business)! Wes was there when my wife and I were looking to get competitive rates on our mortgage renewal. Wes was also there when my wife and I had questions...and more questions. Wes was there yet again when important deadlines were coming and my wife and I were slow to respond with documents/approvals. Wes was there right until the end trying to get us the best possible quote. Wes went above and beyond, and is the best broker we've ever had dealings with!

I highly recommend Wes at Homeguard Funding Ltd. He was originally recommended by a colleague, and now I want to recommend him to you! That's right - you reading this!

I wish 10 stars was an option. THANK YOU SO MUCH WES!