Dreams to Reality

Author: Homeguard Funding Ltd. |

My brother and I had a vision to become real estate investors by purchasing several residential investment properties in Barrie close to Georgian College.

Our plan was to purchase good quality houses close to the college that could be easily rented to students. Once established, the properties would provide us with a steady flow of income and secure a nest egg for the future. At the same time, we would be providing quality accommodation to college students at an affordable price.

With a few assets and an excellent credit history, HomeGuard Funding Ltd. was able to secure several mortgage commitments on our behalf. Not only did we purchase and close three residential properties in six months, but Wayne and Beth were able to provide mortgages with amazing interest rates and terms. They worked with us providing advice and guidance. The level of service we received was excellent and closing days came with no last minute surprises.

Thanks to the dedicated people at HomeGuard, my brother and I have been able to accomplish some of our goals in life in a very short period of time.

Thank you Wayne and Beth for your high level of professional service and guidance over some of the stepping stones in our lives.