Business to Business

Author: Homeguard Funding Ltd. |

As someone who has been involved in the financial industry in Canada near two decades, I have never seen and experienced such care, professionalism, knowledge, and ethics like I had with Mr. Wayne Sudsbury, the president of Homeguard Funding Ltd.

Beside the low mortgage interest rate and fees that Wayne secured for me, he stood up and made the deal work, when everyone thought that the deal was falling apart. He disclosed the facts to all the parties and lawyers who were involved and showed them the solution to rectify the problem.

Our companies worked together in the past few years and I was happy to see that we do follow the same principles in business., but this deal was a benchmark in our relationship. I thank you for everything you have done to make this deal happen, and looking forward to take our business to the next level. Many thanks to Wayne and the team at Homeguard Funding Ltd.