Highly Recommended

Author: Homeguard Funding Ltd. |

I used Wes Sudsbury as a mortgage broker to purchase a house with a closing date of April 30th. At the time I had an existing broker who was not getting me the best rate and was slow to respond to my questions why I was not getting the best rate. Wes was recommended to me by my friend who used his service and was happy with the service he received because one of the things Wes did for my friend was redo the paperwork a few days prior to closing because a lower rate was available.

I contacted Wes on a Friday after exchanging some information (which I had in full because I already went through one application) over the course of that evening and weekend, we agreed on a rate and signed the mortgage disclosure papers on Tuesday (or Wednesday, I don't recall). Although I don't generally demand people work during their evenings and weekend - because everyone deserves time off from their work - it was refreshing to get quick responses to my detailed questions, and get a mortgage sorted over a course of just under 3 business days.

I feel the information Wes provided directly answered all my questions, and was detailed such that there have been no surprises. He explained the mortgage product well, with information about things like applicable penalties.

I'd contact Wes again for my future mortgage needs.