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Author: Homeguard Funding Ltd. |

Hi Wayne, Lisa & I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you about the positive Encompass Home Warranty experience that we had recently. This home system warranty insurance came with the First National mortgage that we took out through Homeguard Funding Ltd.

This type of insurance is not something that Lisa & I would have sought out - we definitely would not have had such a policy if it had not come included with our mortgage. In fact, after the first year we seriously considered cancelling it - but I can tell you that we are very glad that we kept it.

Here is why...

In the middle of the night (3:00 AM) on December 19th something inside our boiler failed causing the system to overheat, which in turn caused some of our heating pipes to burst. We were home and immediately shut down the system to prevent further damage to the boiler and to the house from the water coming out of the system.

We reported the problem to Encompass via the toll free number on the morning of the 19th and they dispatched a technician to our house to assess the problem. The technicians arrived with small space heaters to use until the furnace could be accessed and repaired.

After a careful review of the cause of the failure - Encompass approved the repair and subsequently the technicians replaced the faulty components as well as the damaged heating pipes. They thoroughly tested the system and everything is now back up & running smoothly. They were very professional and had the system back up for us before the holidays. Even working through a Sunday before Christmas to get it done.

Out total cost for the repair was the $50.00 consultation fee (deductible) - which is incredible as the actual repair cost was approximately $8,500.00.

This cost would have been a major unplanned home expense for us just prior to Christmas...

Lisa & I just wanted to say thanks for providing such a service as part of your mortgage offerings - it certainly saved us a costly repair and we will be telling everyone we know about the experience that we had. We will be keeping the insurance going forward. Please pass along our comments to your contacts at First National. Thanks again & Lisa & I hope that you & your family have a great holiday season.