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Five Reasons to use a Mortgage Broker.
September 28, 2016 @ 10:12 AM by: Kim Bridge

The value of a mortgage broker - Five reasons to use a mortgage broker

There are a lot of good reasons to work with a mortgage broker when you’re buying or refinancing a home.
To help you understand just how valuable your broker can be, here’s a list of our top five reasons – we’re
sure you’ll think of more!

1 Mortgage solutions are their area of expertise
You need to find a mortgage, or refinance an existing one,
but you have questions.
• Where do I start?
• Which lender best fits my needs?
• Which lender can offer me the best value?
• Are there really differences between mortgages?
• Which features are best for me?
Brokers have experience working with banks and
other lenders. They understand the benefits of the
various rate options, and they’re familiar with the many
types of mortgages and which one might be right for you.

Your broker has the answers.

2 Your broker is your champion
Your broker negotiates with the lender on your
behalf, manages obstacles, processes paperwork
and hammers out the details.
They’ll help simplify what can be an overwhelming
experience and take your long-term plan
into consideration.

Your broker is on your side!

3 Personalized service
Your broker will work with you through every step
of the purchase or refinance process. They’ll walk
you through the application process and help you to
understand your options and answer your questions.

After all, your broker’s success is dependent on
your satisfaction.

4 Your broker finds solutions that fit your needs
Your broker will help you navigate the confusing
road map of rate types, mortgage options and terms
to decide which solution is best for your circumstances
and long term plan. Your broker takes the time to
understand your financial needs and situation, and
avoid unnecessary risk.

And that can save you money.

5 Your broker can save you time – lots of it
House hunting is time and energy consuming. But that’s just the beginning. Finding a mortgage or refinance solution that’s
right for you can take hours, even days or weeks. Your mortgage broker does most of the leg work for you. They’ll research
mortgage, financing and lender options, process the application and document requirements, and negotiate with lenders.
That means less disruption to your daily schedule and more time to focus on your home!

To learn more about which B2B Bank mortgage solution is right for you, speak with your broker.
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