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Install maximum deadbolt security - with fabulous flair
July 13, 2016 @ 1:20 PM by: Kim Bridge

(NC) Don't spend one dime, say home improvement specialists, until the features of any upgrade are perfectly matched to your particular needs.

A good example is exterior door locksets. This all-important hardware is offered in a range from standard security to high-tech computerization, making it a purchase that requires exploration. So if beautiful locks and handlesets are on your list of home improvement priorities this year, here's a 5-point guideline from Schlage, a leading name in advanced door hardware:

  1. Place security first: Check out the certification rating of the deadbolt you're considering. Maximum security, quality and durability will be classified as ANSI Grade 1.

  2. Question any bargain: Top-quality products do go on sale, but when you come across a great bargain, make sure it is indeed, great. Investigate to determine exactly    what you're getting. Quality locks and handlesets will perform at a high level for much longer.

  3. Look for perks: The maximum security grade is important – and so is: a manufacturer's warranty on the finish and functioning; a variety of fashionable lockset designs; and engineering so simple you don't have to hire anyone to install it.

  4. Ask what's new: Exterior locks with keypads are sleek and stylish – and now, touchscreens have arrived with all kinds of convenience capabilities such as dispensing with keys altogether, increased indoor security, and handy operation of the lock remotely. For example, in addition to a touchscreen code entry, the Sense Smart Deadbolt applies wireless Bluetooth connectivity between Apple mobile devices and the deadbolt. Police investigations show that many intruders actually have a key, so advanced keyless systems will stop them in their tracks.

  5. Get a double-dose of value: Combine top security with ultra-elegant combinations of deadbolts and handlesets. Take a look, for example, at www.schlage.com to see a selection of sleek styles, colours, finishes, and security features. Keyless choices, such as the Touchscreen Deadbolt and the Keypad Deadbolt are finished in satin nickel and aged bronze to be matched with existing hardware. When fully-loaded these deadbolts give you a built-in alarm, a warning alert for low batteries, and a reinforced exterior plate for maximum kick-in resistance.

    Source: www.newscanada.com